WoW Classic Addon - Compact scrolling vendor frame. Fork of
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GnomishVendorShrinker (for Classic) creates a simple, compact vendor frame.

Credits to tekkub and Tonyleila + Vlad.


  • Simple one-line-per-item interface.
  • Scrolling list, none of that "paging" crap that makes navigation slow.
  • Clicking an item simply buys it, instead of picking up the item.
  • Alt-click buys a full stack (or as close to a full stack as is possible for limited-stock items).
  • Ctrl- and shift-click behave as default (dress-up and paste link, respectively).
  • Recipes you do not yet know are highlighted in blue.
  • Items you cannot use are highlighted in red.
  • Search box to help you find that item you're after on a vendor with hundreds of items.