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#! /usr/bin/python3
Streams Cron
import time
import sys
import redis
import requests
import webhook
import conf
now = time.time()
wh = webhook.Webhook(conf.url_discord_webhook_news)
r = redis.StrictRedis(host='localhost', charset="utf-8", decode_responses=True, db=1)
twitch_api = "{0}".format(conf.twitch_token)
r.zremrangebyscore("bot:twitch", "-inf", now-(60*15))
t = requests.get(url=twitch_api).json()
if "streams" not in t:
for stream in t["streams"]:
if r.zadd("bot:twitch", now, stream["channel"]["name"]) == 0:
game = stream["channel"]["game"] if "game" in stream["channel"] else "ahora"
wh.send("{3} **{0}** está stremeando {4}: [{2}](<{1}>)".format(stream["channel"]["name"], stream["channel"]["url"], stream["channel"]["status"], conf.icon_twitch, game))