pfUI-raidsolo - A pfUI plugin ( to display your raid frame when playing solo
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local HookRefreshUnit = pfUI.uf.RefreshUnit
function pfUI.uf:RefreshUnit(unit, component)
local raidforgroup = pfUI_config["unitframes"]["raidforgroup"]
if unit:GetName() == "pfRaid1"
and GetNumPartyMembers() == 0
and not UnitInRaid("player")
-- conflict with line api/unitframes.lua:884, I know this is shit,
-- but I need to intercept this block
pfUI_config["unitframes"]["raidforgroup"] = "0" = ""
unit.label = "player"
HookRefreshUnit(this, unit, component)
pfUI_config["unitframes"]["raidforgroup"] = raidforgroup