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local function hook_LFGListSearchEntry_Update(self)
local resultID = self.resultID;
local id, activityID, name, comment, voiceChat, iLvl, age, numBNetFriends, numCharFriends, numGuildMates, isDelisted = C_LFGList.GetSearchResultInfo(resultID);
--local activityName = C_LFGList.GetActivityInfo(activityID);
--self.ActivityName:SetText(string.format("%s (%s)", activityName, SecondsToTime(age, false, false, 1, false)))
self.Name:SetText(string.format("%s (%s)", name, SecondsToTime(age, false, false, 1, false)))
hooksecurefunc("LFGListSearchEntry_Update", hook_LFGListSearchEntry_Update);